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We have just added another Genie Articulating Boom and five more Genie Scissor Lifts for Spring 2015. Our line of Genie lifts includes:

  • (16) 25ft and 32 ft slab scissor lifts.

  • (1) 50ft and ( 2 ) 40ft Articulating towable boom lifts.

  • (1) 40ft Arial work platform with optional Super straddle System add on for over auditorium seating.

  • (1) 40ft Two wheel drive lift, No outriggers.

All available for delivery to your job site.



Pole Dancer

With 25 years of experience in the electrical construction industry, Wahoo Innovations, Inc. was created by an electrical contractor to manufacture and sell an award-winning tool called The Pole Dancer. It is designed to set up to a 40ft, 800 lb. light pole and promises to save contractors time, labor and money. The Pole Dancer� is a portable tool that only requires two workers to operate that can be stored or transported in the back of a small truck or work van. After a quick assembly time of ten minutes, in most situations, two persons can begin setting one light pole every eight minutes.


Advantage Rental has opened a new location within the Erie, PA branch of Scott Electric at 1840 E 10th Street Erie, PA 16511. Phone: 814-461-0777


Advantage Rental is opening a new location within Scott Electric 1000 S Main Street Greensburg PA. We are excited to serve our Greensburg Customers with same day pickup. Look for us there this summer! Meanwhile, remember that we can deliver Next Day to any job site from our Pittsburgh headquarters.



Genie Z-34/22IC Booms

Unbeatable engine package for optimum performance

  • The Z-34/22 IC Series combines the industry leading lift structure with an unbeatable engine package.
  • A new drive system, with a high quality axial piston pump and integrated controls, provides the smooth control, durability and efficient power transmission required for rough terrain operation
  • Two-speed hydraulic motors provide optimum speed and torque. The 2WD model operates at 0.68 - 3.0 mph (1.1 - 4.8 km/h) with 37% gradeability. The 4WD model operates at 0.68 - 3.0 mph (1.1 - 4.8 km/h) with 45% gradeability
  • Zero tailswing and nose swing in all positions, with a 68 in (1.73m) wide 2WD model and 73 in (1.85 m) wide 4WD model, provide excellent maneuverability in confined areas
  • Dual parallelogram riser allows ascent and descent along a vertical plane without retraction or extension of the boom

Standard Features

  • 40 ft 10 in (12.62 m) working height
  • 22 ft 3 in (6.78 m) horizontal reach
  • Compact 68 in (1.73 m) wide 2WD model and 73 in wide (1.85 m) 4WD model
  • 500 lb (227 kg) platform capacity
  • 4 ft (1.22 m) jib features 139� working range
  • Dual wheel spring-applied brakes
  • Fully proportional controls
  • 180� powered platform rotation
  • Auxiliary power unit
  • Drive enable system
  • Self-leveling platform
  • Water, oil and voltage gauges
  • AC wiring to platform
  • Hour meter

Options and Accessories

  • Alarm package
  • Foam-filled tires
  • Cold start packages
  • 10-16.5 rough terrain tires for 4WD
  • 2000 watt AC generator
  • Industrial non-marking tires
  • 4 ft (1.22 m) platform
  • Platform-mounted work light
  • Platform swing gate
  • Air line to platform

Standards Compliance

  • ANSI/SIA A92.5
  • CSA B354.4
  • CE compliance
  • AS 1418.10
  • PB-10-611-03



The Ultimate in Reach and Range & Industry Leading Design and Performance
Genie's trailer mounted booms are an excellent value in high-reach equipment. The TZ-50 provides industry leading outreach and working range and the tow speed rating available. The TZ-50 also provides many unique features, such as hydraulic outriggers, automatic machine leveling drive & set, and an optional hybrid DC/Gas engine.

135 Degree Jib Boom Working Range
A 4 ft 1 in (1.25 m) articulating jib boom allows you to position the platform above or below horizontal.

Easy to Transport
The TZ-50 is easily towed behind vehicles that have an adequate capacity, 2 in (50 mm) ball, and a Class 3 hitch. Several hitch receptacles are available. Genie�s maximum highway tow speed rating of 60 mph (97 km/h) providing fast transportation to job sites.

Dual Jockey Wheels
Heavy-duty jockey wheels allow for precise positioning of the machine during setup and transportation.

Large Outrigger Footpads
Large outrigger foot pads effectively distribute the machine weight. Non-marking footpads are offered as an option.

Easy-To-Read Controls
Both ground and platform controls are easy to use and utilize symbols to simplify operation.

Automatic Leveling System (patents pending)
The exclusive Genie Automatic Leveling System is "self-leveling" and is standard equipment on all TZ-50 models. This system provides industry-leading 10 degrees leveling capability and allows the operator to hydraulically deploy the outriggers and automatically level the machine. Machine setup can be completed in less than 60 seconds when the operator deploys all four outriggers simultaneously.

The system self-levels the machine to 1 degree in all directions. The level sensor alarm will not sound unless the machine is over 21/2 degrees out of level. This built-in tolerance provides resistance to level sensor "nuisance tripping", which can be a common occurrence on other trailer mounted booms. This feature increases productivity and sets the Genie TZ-50 apart from the competition.

Options and Accessories

Drive and Set Option
The drive and set option provides the ability to drive the TZ-50 from the platform when it is in the fully lowered position. The drive and set option also provides outrigger deploying, retracting and automatic leveling functions from the platform when it is in the stowed position.

Hybrid DC/Gas Option
The TZ-50 has an optional Hybrid DC/Gas Engine to allow charging machines in remote locations.

Platform Rotation
A hydraulic rotate mechanism allows the operator to rotate the platform 80 degrees horizontally in each direction.

Standard Features

  • 55 ft 6 in (16.92 m) working height
  • 29 ft 2 in (8.9 m) working outreach
  • JIB
  • Hydraulic outriggers
  • Outrigger interlocks
  • Automatic leveling system
  • Combination hitch, an adjustable height hitch coupler system with 2" ball coupler
  • Variable speed control system
  • AC wiring to platform
  • Hydraulic surge brakes
  • Parking brake
  • Tilt alarm/sensor
  • Dual jockey wheels
  • Hour meter

Options and Accessories

  • Hybrid DC/Gas
  • Drive and set option includes larger battery
  • Spare tire
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Fluorescent tube caddy
  • Hydraulic platform rotation
  • Non-marking outrigger footpads
  • Operational warning light package (flashing beacon)
  • Tool tray
  • 2 5/16 in (6 cm) ball coupler
  • 2 1/2 in (6.35 cm) I.D. Pintle ring coupler
  • Clevis coupler

Standards Compliance

  • ANSI A92.2
  • CSA-C225-M88
  • CE Compliance
  • AS 1418.10
  • PB-10-611-03


Portable Genie® Super Series aerial work platforms are simple for one person to set up in minutes. A durable, lightweight design and compact size make them ideal personnel lifts for rental, light-duty construction, and maintenance.

Easy to Transport
These units roll through standard doorways and are simple to load in a pickup truck. An exclusive rocker base system maneuvers around corners and over thresholds and debris.

Easy to Use
The patented rigid mast system offers user comfort and stability at working heights of 46ft 4in (14.29 m). Other features include ground and platform controls with auxiliary platform lowering for use in the event of a power outage.

Standard Features

  • Rocker Base System for maneuverability
  • Ground and platform controls with auxiliary platform lowering
  • Small outrigger footprints
  • Easy loading in pickup trucks
  • Doorway access
  • Outrigger storage pockets
  • Sturdy tie-downs


The Super Straddle™ allows you to use the Genie® AWP™ in areas you never thought possible. The Super-Straddle™ provides up to 4ft (1.22m) of vertical clearance over fixed obstacles. Easily access light bulbs, ceiling panels, or maintenance tasks above permanent seating, stairwells, and other obstructions. End frames adjust so the Super-Straddle™ can be used on slopes of up to 6 degrees - perfect for auditoriums and theaters. The redesigned Super-Straddle™ conforms to ANSI A92.3 standards.

Click Here to watch a brief video on the Super-Straddle™.

Call for availability and pricing.